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The Black Book Of Buried Secrets Epub Download Free
The Black Book Of Buried Secrets Epub Download Free

the black book of buried secrets epub  free


The Black Book Of Buried Secrets Epub Download Free >


















































The Black Book Of Buried Secrets Epub Download Free


MADRIGAL BRANCH:Crest The Madrigals use the Cahill "C" as their symbol in the hope that someday the warring branches of the family will be united once again. Agents open their chutes early, which allows them to navigate through the air and land in specific locations, like the Tomas base on Alcatraz Island. They can also be used to spy on the other branches. LUCIAN BRANCH:Crest The Lucian crest has changed over the years, but its central image has remained the same. Yet the classic Tomas in him refuses to admit defeat. Saladin was happy to help, even if it required him to don scuba gear and swim. EKATERINA BRANCH:Katherine Cahill The Ekaterina founder was the second child of Gideon and Olivia Cahill. but these monuments have a secret purpose - they were actually designed to hide Lucian clues. The most experienced scuba diver is no match for a pair of built-in flippers, supercharged senses, and ridiculously cute whiskers. In other situations, the HAHO method is best for sneaking into enemy territory. With their tiny injector needles, poison rings only work when agents can get close to their victims. Although he has no trouble making a split-second decision on the ice or in the air, he's not as confident when it comes to Clue-hunting strategy. TOMAS BRANCH:Ivan Kleister Ivan Kleister is a champion hockey player. The remote island surrounded by chilly, shark-infested waters was also the perfect place to hide a Clue. Angry with her favorite brother, Thomas, she stole one of his Clues and departed for faraway lands. But the Tomas don't win battles simply because they're fast and strong. All rights reserved. One could attend a feast or a ball while carrying a lethal dose of poisona common practice among Lucians. Tomas in the military use sea lions to detect bombs, deliver equipment, and watch for enemy divers. She also learned to read ancient hieroglyphics three hundred years before the "first" official translators were even born. TOMAS BRANCH:Spy Sea Lions Although the Tomas are amazing athletes, they know that their skills have limits. EKATERINA BRANCH:Spy Pennies The Ekaterinas have access to technology that the rest of the world can only imagine, such as nearly microscopic cameras and microphones that can be hidden inside a coin. She even developed cat-size surveillance equipment for him to carry on his secret missions. JANUS BRANCH:Broderick Wizard Broderick was not born into the Janus branch. 459400c18b

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